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Originally Posted by Dorzok View Post
if you don't mind me asking; what's your size and weight? i'm thinking of one of these for summer commuting and i gotta figure if it'll pull me up a coupla hills at a reasonable speed.
Eh "stocky"?
The scoot had a tent, pad, bag and clothes plus an extra gas can (1 gallon) and with me (190-ish) and most hills up to 18% grade and can hold 35-40 or better, it is changing speed while going uphill that is a pain, cut the throttle and it is going to be a while
For none highway communing even in a few 50 zones I don't have any complaints really. 35-45 is the sweet spot for me I rarely find I cannot obtain that unless a really steep hill or have to drop the throttle and open it up again. Most of the times I find that I am being slowed down on misty twisty uphills by cars not the other way around as they cannot corner as well and I can keep up no worries, passing that is a downhill with a wind and some drafting involved for me at least.
Where are you, maybe someone has one you can take a spin on?
The dealer let me test ride this one.
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