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Originally Posted by Skowinski View Post
Congrats on the bike!

Funny though, I have the opposite concern. I get worried that I will be injured on the mat, and then not be able to make a big ride, like the one coming up starting next weekend in Moab. Or, worry about the kind of thing that happened a few years ago - I was all set up to meet my brother for our once a year get together for a big trail run. Had flights booked, had spent several months building my mileage up and was in really good shape, ready to go. Then, on the mat two nights before I was supposed to fly out, and I really tweaked my knee. Had to cancel our run that we had waited months for! My brother was like "you idiot, why were you wrestling sweaty men just before our big run?"

Sounds like the terbanifine tablets are prescription. That would be the way to go. I've never had the stuff in my hair though, just a few spots here and there, hands, back of neck usually. My first experience with this rot was high school wrestling, that was a long time ago for me.
After 5 years of training I've only broken my thumb! I train hard and get minor injuries all the time, but the thumb sidelined me for 2 months. Other than that, it's been relatively injury free.
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