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Originally Posted by BHW View Post
I have no idea what the different pellet shapes do inside of an animal, I've never gone looking for the pellet. But my experience has shown to me, that the pointed tip pellets tend to pass through and don't have as much "knock down", or they tend to wound more than kill. The flatter front pellets like wadcutters and "destroyers" will usually render a much quicker kill in small squirrel sized animals! I shoot into a sheet of plywood when sighting in or practicing on targets, and those pellets are usually flattened or severely deformed in the wood. But wood isn't meat either, I understand that much. I actually shot about 25 pellets this morning to sight in a scope, and play around, and most all of those pellets just barely penetrate the plywood, flattening out into decent sized wads. None fully penetrated a 3/8" sheet of ply wood though. Most stop in the first two or three layers.

I agree.
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