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Originally Posted by ErikY. View Post
Been crashed?
Yes but appears to be very minor pipe rash and engine cover every so slightly scraped.

Originally Posted by MapMaster View Post
You can stop worrying about whether you paid too much for it or not. You did.
That won't prevent it from becoming a great ride (though maybe not a great looking ride).

The turn-in issue will probably go away with new rubber.
Some tire profiles are worse than others in combination with front spring rates and inflation pressures, especially as the tire wears.
What's on there now? Try a different brand next time.
Yeah I figured, stupid whim buy. Saw it, bought it, simple as that, although most of my purchases are like that so I guess I just need to get used to it. I'm pretty good at tweaking and painting and making stuff look pretty. Maybe not perfect but I will whip it into respectable shape. I'll paint the crap plastics and they may not fit the best but they'll be less tacky. It needs new rubber, it's got Bridgestone Battle-axes (sp?) on there now and he gave me another used set of the same to put on it but they ain't going on there. I also got a seat cowl and a spare seat so maybe I can sell the used tires, the extra seat and the cowl and make back at least a little bit. I'm thinking Mich P2's or something along those lines.

And after the first ride around the block....the sound...I don't care if had pink sparkly unicorns painted on it, I'd ride it just to be able to listen to it. My god these things sound good.

Originally Posted by LuciferMutt View Post
Heavy bikes like the VFR have famously under-inflated tires when bought from clueless POs. Rear should be 40-42psi and the front should be 36 or so. EVen a few pounds under and mine starts to handle terribly. New tires, proper inflation and adjusting the sag with the preload adjusters solved all my turn in problems.
Good info.

Got to check and see about the RR and see if it's been swapped for an aftermarket unit and then I'll get some tires on order and blow it apart for cleaning and painting. I'll post pics when I get it done. Appreaciate all the info guys!
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