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Originally Posted by BriKielyGSman View Post
Marty - I have seen you riding around town. Figured I would track you down one day.

Make sure you check out the Rallye BMW Montreal while you are down east. There are a bunch of good people on all kinds of bikes. Say hello to Charles (the owner of Moto International) for me if you go.

Give me a buzz when you are back in town. I am always looking for fellow backroads/trail riders.

Hahaha, maybe you should have!! Would have made for a good story... if only you could catch me!! LoL

I'm thinking about joining the Rally, but I wasn't sure about going to a GS rally with a KTM...!! I can only imagine the dirty looks from the hard core propeller fans!! Maybe I'll go anyway...

Of course I'll let you know when I get back!! It will be fun to ride with someone!!


PS - Buy a KTM, the thermometer does go BELOW 0 celcius!! Don't ask how I know... LoL!!
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