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Hi guys,

I am writing from Europe, Cyprus (small island in Meditteranean sea).

Had the beverly 300ie for about 2 years which i exhanged for the beverly 350.

Had 18,000 km in all conditions for the first and about 1400 km for the new one.

Was very satisfied with the bv300, only reason i exhanged it was the small exchange price i negotiated withe the local dealer and the emgine was the main factor.

BV300 gloss white,

No problems at all. As i said i wrote it 12 months a year. Temps in cyprus during summer go over 40 celcious which is hot with no overheating although if in traffic fan is working.

I had added the aftermarket windshield (piaggio one) and had buffeting (i am 6-1, big torso) and added a puig spoiler which eliminated the problem completely.

I also added the givi metal base for topbox as a previous member stated (very sturdy) and added the kappa 42 topcase which is very rugged and waterproof. (i have it always on)

I also added the givi soft panniers for touring expeditions and i am looking for a tunnel bag (probably will settle for the givi one).

I aldo had the Dr pulley sliding rollers (ordered from official eu site for dr pulley so i dnt end up with fake ones from ebay)

The weight i had was 13 grams at the same dimensions of 21x17 instead of 13.8 for stock

This gave a noticeable increase in acceleration in all rpms as well as an increase of 4-5 km top speed (according to speedo) as wll as keeping the same consumption. (you can go the other way with keeping the same accelaration and further improving top speed and consumption but that was not my goal.

This is a modification costing 30 euro including postage plus fitting costs that i will do to all my scooters

And they last longer than stock!!!

BV350 black (wanted white again but it only came with black saddle in white)

I transfered the givi mount plus the kappa topcase and the givi panniers.

Still looking for tunnel bag

Havent fitted the Dr pulley rollers yet as i have not found the stock weight and dimensions yet.

I only know they are 8 instead of 6. (will find them eventually as the model is fairly new)

So for a comparison

Windshield comes from factory and is tinted, Very ince and no need to fit spoiler as there is no buffeting

Although the dimension of wheels are the same , 16 front, 14 back, the turn in with the bv350 is much better due to lighter wheels used (older wheels although looking nicer where a bitch to clean)

TOp speed on bv300 was about 143 which went to 147-8 with dr pulley

On 350 as i have not run-in completely i cannot say definitely although i went to 140 briefly with 2/3 throttle on the same strech of road.

Based on what i heard and read from other people it should achieve 160 (speedo) easily

Consumption has been a bit better than the 300

I am 90% riding 2 up (city traffic) and had a 4.5 ltr per 100 km

With the 350 have 4.1 ltr per 100 km

Brakes are the same unless you have the abs, traction control model which i dnt

They are brembo and are very strong and with good feel (though i may try the brembo red series brake pad when the stock wear out)

Suspension is the same

It has good direction and is rock solid even at top speed with cross winds, but it is a bit harsh (some have tried yss or bitubo suspension for the back but i havent had feedback from them yet)

The engine is the biggest diff

The increase in power is huge and you can feel the power (though not fully run in yet)

Also the transmission is much smoother with less whining and noise (its enclosed in oil)

Storage space is the same which is huge

300 had the pirreli diablo which i found was very good in the dry and wet thought they needed some time to warm up

350 comes with michelin city grip which i found that they have same level of grips but warm up much faster and durability is the same (always depending on riding style)

Changed the horn for my 350 (same as 300) which is best suited for a kids bicycle with one from a piaggio x7 (not sure for name 100% but can find out if anyone is interested) for 20 euro including fitting. (same place as stock)

Overall, i think is the best scooter

Is unmatched for speed and agility in the city

Can do the freeway easily (even long streches)

Has touring capabilities

I forgot to mention that the service intervals due to the complete redesign of the engine and transmission have double from the 300

10,000 km oil change
10,000 km spark plug
10,000 km oil filter
20,000 km belt
Inspection of timing of valves every 40,000 km

And bring on the miles
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