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Originally Posted by Cortez View Post
Great review, just 2 things.

That speedo is OMG optimistic, check with GPS.
The 350 will hit over 100mph indicated, while cruising next to
a Burgman 400 showing 93-94..
I checked the speedo on my 350 this week by mounting my car's GPS to the BV. Around town it's off by 5 MPH up to about 75 MPH. I now just mentally subtract 5 MPH from the speed and it's really close. This weekend I'll take it out on the highway south of town and take it up to 150 KPH and see how close it is then. Most of my driving is in the 35-50 MPH around town and I can almost tell my speed now by the sound of the engine.

The only problem for me with this scoot is that the KPH is on the outer, larger part of the speedo. The MPH is on the inside and thus much smaller. It's a bit difficult to see easily. If I could purchase a new speedo insert to put MPH on the outside I would but my guess is that's not going to happen and I have no idea how to open that thing even if it can be done.

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