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Verification of Suitability for Highway Use

So in my attempt to get my 1973 CL175 registered and on the road, I sent in my application for registration along with a photocopy of the bill of sale I received at the time of purchase, along with the appropriate fees, to the VT DMV at the beginning of last week. I received a reply in the mail today stating

"There was a problem completing your request. Please provide verification that your motorcycle was manufactured for, or has been modified for highway use. In order to register your motorcycle in Vermont, please provide a letter from a Vermont inspection station affirming that it meets Vermont highway standards."

Clearly anyone familiar with the Honda CLs knows that they were manufactured as a street bike, however it seems to me like they think I might be trying to register a dirt bike that I stuck some lights and signals on, which I know a lot of out-of-staters do through VT. Or that they want me to get it VT inspected before registration, which is contrary to my understanding of their rules.

Anyways, taking it to a VT inspection station is clearly impractical for me, as I live in south central PA. Has anyone else run into this issue? What about getting a letter from a PA inspection station? Or from a Honda dealership stating that the model was manufactured for street use? I just want to get this thing on the road and start RIDING already!
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