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Originally Posted by Furious E View Post
So in my attempt to get my 1973 CL175 registered and on the road, I sent in my application for registration along with a photocopy of the bill of sale I received at the time of purchase, along with the appropriate fees, to the VT DMV at the beginning of last week. I received a reply in the mail today stating

"There was a problem completing your request. Please provide verification that your motorcycle was manufactured for, or has been modified for highway use. In order to register your motorcycle in Vermont, please provide a letter from a Vermont inspection station affirming that it meets Vermont highway standards."

Clearly anyone familiar with the Honda CLs knows that they were manufactured as a street bike, however it seems to me like they think I might be trying to register a dirt bike that I stuck some lights and signals on, which I know a lot of out-of-staters do through VT. Or that they want me to get it VT inspected before registration, which is contrary to my understanding of their rules.

Anyways, taking it to a VT inspection station is clearly impractical for me, as I live in south central PA. Has anyone else run into this issue? What about getting a letter from a PA inspection station? Or from a Honda dealership stating that the model was manufactured for street use? I just want to get this thing on the road and start RIDING already!
Have you spoken with the PA DMV about this? When I got my bonded certificate of title here, the IA DMV said they would not accept this or the title services... So before you go through too much hassle, you may give them a ring.
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