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Heavy bikes like the VFR have famously under-inflated tires when bought from clueless POs. Rear should be 40-42psi and the front should be 36 or so. EVen a few pounds under and mine starts to handle terribly. New tires, proper inflation and adjusting the sag with the preload adjusters solved all my turn in problems.
I'll jump in on this one, after picking up a '95 VFR750 a month ago. I got it home and was thinking "Man this thing is a beast at slow speed turns." Checked the air pressure -- way low. Put the proper pressure in and WOW, what an amazing bike. Probably my favorite so far, among FJR, R1150R, VStrom and more. Sounds great and feels better.

I picked it up with 36,000 miles, Corbin seat, D&D slip-on pipe plus original, Lindemann Engineering front suspension, Givi wingrack/top rack and two side cases (I usually ride with one as a top box on my commute), "coated" exhaust, new tires (still with the nubs on them), Zero Gravity screen (plus original), new fluids everywhere. I upgraded the R/R with one from a 98 after some charging issues and added the VFRness wiring harness from, plus a new battery. I added a blue sea fuse block under the seat and will add a Signal Dynamics voltage monitor this weekend and powerlet. Fun with older bikes!
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