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Facet fuel pump install on '99 Africa Twin

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I have had my share of fuel pump woes in the past on my '99 @ and now I feel I have finally solved them with the recent install of this US made solid state Facet pump. Model # 40105

The orginal OEM pump failed after the contacts burned out. Probably not a 'bad' pump once it was modified for a suppressor to prevent the contacts from pitting. But the new OEM pump does not come cheap. $$ Alternative? Yes.

Next...the nice people at African Queens sent me the Mikuni vacum pump.
It seemed to be the answer, and after a few thousand kms it was performing flawlessly. Then it seemed in hot weather conditions I would experience fuel starvation symptoms. Fuel was somehow bypassing and blocking the vacum source..apparently. The 'T' fitting trap mod from AQ
did not seem to work. It was from the South African AT Club that I first heard of the Facet pump.

Ok, for only $29 USD plus shipping I can experiment. The first model of pump I ordered was #40106. The claimed pump pressure on this model
is 4-6 psi. Nothing in the packaging or on the pump indicates this. Strange that they do not. Another web source claims the pump pressure is 4-5.5 psi. I quickly installed this pump (hot wired) for a rally I attended.
After 2,000 kms round trip it worked perfectly. Having not yet hard wired it to the fuel cutoff relay I occasionally would forget to unplug it (as it was wired direct to the battery) and after shutting the ignition off the pump would continue to run and fuel would spew out the carb overflows via the drain tube onto the ground. No problem, once I permanently hard wired it it to the fuel cutoff relay that fuel spill would be eliminated.

I now permanently hardwired the model 40106 in and drove it hard and fast. It was then I noticed a small amount of fuel coming from the carb overflows when idling at a stop. Mmmm....It was small enough to piss me off and it was telling me this pump pressure is just a wee bit on the high side.

Ok, I now ordered in the Facet Model # 40105. Claimed pressure is 2.5 - 4.5 psi, depending on the web source, I have also read where pressure is 2.5 - 3.0.
Again, nothing on the packaging or pump indicates pressures. In fact the
models 40105 and 40106 are "identical" in appearance and markings.

Time to install the 40105.

The pump measures less than 3" in any direction and weighs in at 18 oz.

Lets cut off the pump mounts which are not req'd.

Sand off any sharp edges.

Well ain't that special. The OEM pump rubber shock mount fits right over the Facet pump. Its a tight fit but it can be done. A little silicon spray on the rubber eased the installation.

Lets slightly bend the mounting supports upwards and downwards on the frame to accomodate the Facet.

To install you simply push it onto the supports. Views are fuel "IN".

Fuel "OUT"

Fittings are 1/8" IPT

Connecting the wires is straight forward. You can use your old connector
from the OEM pump and splice it in. Fuel hoses have to be shortened
accordlingly. I have only a few hundred kms on the 40105 and so far I am very pleased with the performance and no overflow spillage. In the USA this pump can be sourced at Aircraft Spruce & Specialty in the state of Georgia or CA.

So, just thought I would share with what works for me. And of course, the usual disclaimer.

1999 XRV 750 Africa Twin
1996 XL 600v Transalp
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