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I was always told that the 125cc Zuma was the quickest, fastest 125cc scooter.
Yamaha is the quiet scooter brand that nobody thinks about when they first want a scooter.
Yamaha doesn't much promote or advertize their scooters much, when you visit a Yamaha dealer the scooters are in the dark corner of their show room.
Brother-in-law asked for my opinion on a 125cc scooter and i recommended the Zuma but he doesn't like it told me it looks too much like a childs toy, like a mini bike and he's a big guy and he's afraid he will look bad riding it, then I told him don't buy any scooter, a scooter isnot for him, instead buy a big cruiser motorcycle
I look at myself and maybe other scooter owners-riders as we are practable people that don't care what everybody thinks or how good we look or how bad we look riding one, we love our scooters so much we don't care what anybody else thinks.
Was out yesterday watching the guys on their cruiser bikes, notice how they look and dress, they have to look cool, when we ride scooters we don't have to dress up in all black with a doo-rag and look like clowns, we are more free, we have more freedom, we don't have to follow the culture, we are rebels in our own way. Come to think about it I was once that way, owning cruiser bikes in the past, I discovered I was pretending to be something I was not, the motorcycle controled me, I didn't enjoy riding that big cruser motorcycle, I just rode it to show it off and thinking I was impressing everybody but I wasn't impressing myself. Now I have a scooter, when the tough looking guys make fun of my scooter I just sit there and point my finger at them and just laugh cause they don't know once I was the same way and they are lost, then the same crotch rocket riders can't match my scooter speed on a tight curve, or if I see a crotch rocket ahead of me I always see his brake lights on rounding a curve, my favorate comment I always tell other riders: "Nice Bike, too bad you can't ride it" ha ha ha!
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