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I have two of those, or similar. They were sold here as CB125TD Superdream. Mine are -84 and -86. Only difference is the wheels and colour. Mine has Comstars. Rode it two summers about 15-16 years ago. When bought it was pretty beat. I rebuilded it with my dad, and gave the boot.
Then few years ago i dug it out from the barn, refreshened it and equipped it with some studded tires, kinda_of_hippo hands and rode through a winter. Was true fun, til left con rod seized. Decent parts for those are hard to find. Taiwanese crap can be found everywhere. I remember replacing taiwanese pistons and pistonrings few times per season. Also, when ever rebuilding one of these, crack the engine open and clean the sludgetraps of the crank. Those little holes WILL clog up and cons WILL seize.
Great bikes still.

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