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20 a year on one 11 mile road. They should put that on a sign at both ends, with all their pictures, along with the family pics...maybe others would not treat it like a race track.
FYI, all y'all: US20, in Illinois 'tween Freeport and Galena, used to have a sign reading "Congratulations, you have just survived USRT20" at each end leaving the road segment. AFAIK, these signs have been removed for a number of years. This section of highway made the top 10 'most dangerous US roads' list for many years. While the road itself was not particularly challenging, its scenic vistas were highly distracting and its location had many impaired users due to no other way to get thru the area. Also, at one time there was a sign upon entering the section that read something like, "US20, extreme danger next 40 miles". I suspect that the local 'tourist' industry and civic institutions had a lot to do with getting these signs removed to improve revenue without actually making the roadway any safer beyond re-pavement to keep it smooth for the tourists. Lots of DBBL YELL and artificially low mph limits added over the years with LEO 'protection'.
"beware the grease mud. for therein lies the skid demon."-memory from an old Honda safety pamphlet
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