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nice p0st tacoma. I still have a harley and I ride a 70cc scooter more than any other of my bikes. I am 270... only cuz I lost 20 lbs and I am 6 foot 3. I don't know how ridiculous I look on a honda passport but I have had a van of ladies filming me for 3 or 4 stop lights and laughing the whole time. I don't care, cuz every inch on a passport is better than any ride at disneyland any day!
Just cuz my bike is shiny, doesn't mean that I'm a hiny

current stable

'94 Harley .... a blue one
'82 Honda passport
'87 Honda spacy 250
And an E Bike
85 spacy 250
81 passport (in pieces, many parts for sale)
The hit's just keep coming.. bought another 81 passport (11-28-09)
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