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Progress on the XL has been slowed by some good riding weather Unfortunately, this has thrown up a small issue with my 1100GS - the clutch has started to slip As I'm riding down to Austria and Italy to indulge in some Alpine pass-bashing at the end of June, I suppose I'd better fix it before I go!

Anyway, the result is that the XL engine has remained well wrapped-up on the bench, but I haven't been entirely idle. Now that the frame's oil tight I can start the 'dry build' to check the state of the engine and find out exactly what's still missing from the rest of the bike.

The rear suspension and steering head bearings have been stripped, cleaned, inspected and re-greased. Everything checked out OK. So, now I have a moveable rolling chassis and I want to bolt on as much of the rest of the bike as possible. I only have a small garage space to work in, so I want to clear the decks for the GS clutch job.

In the meantime I'll order the engine parts I need - cam bearings, helicoil kit, gaskets, etc. - and put it all back together.

Here's where we stand today

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