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Originally Posted by Askel View Post
The Fargo is definitely slower than the Jake, but I spent far less time this year off the bike, quietly crying to myself and praying for a quick, painless death.
I rode the Fargo the last time I did D2R2, 2 years ago. Took me 13 hours to do all 112 miles of it, and I was DFL by a pretty wide margin.

I remember one of the last bad hills. Dirt with lots of embedded babyheads. Every time I hit one of those rocks my sit bones screamed in pain. After grinding away for a bit in the granny, I got off and started pushing. A guy in a pickup who was working support for the ride pulled up next to me and asked if I had a mechanical. "The bike is fine. I just don't want to ride the fucking thing right now."

I love that ride.
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