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MotoMind: yeah that course is not a slow one.

Liquid Ice: that is some creative course setup for sure. The part with placing cones from one pole to another, killed me.

The .pdf file I think refers to horse Gymkhana. Although some of those patterns can be useful for moto as well.

One thing to keep in mind, is that Gymkhana is NOT a slow speed exercise or sport.

Yes, us noobs do run these courses at a snail's pace and that's fine, its all a learning experience. But the end goal should still be, to haul ass through a course. Start out slow, but as your skills progress, push to get faster.

P.S. ran some "timed" 8's today, based on GP8 setup

Top guys are getting 27-29 second runs for five laps.
I filmed my own runs here:
I'm hovering in 39-40 second range.

I have definitely hit my skill ceiling with this one. Time to brake down technique again, and see what is slowing me down.
My current goal is 35 seconds.
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