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Originally Posted by SteelJM1 View Post
Yeah I don't remember if i mentioned before when I had some griefer (or an idiot that doens't know the dynamics of a turretless TD) that kept following me around and then getting in my damn way when I was trying to take shots. I warned him a few times and then finally gave up and "accidently" popped him when he pulled right into my LOS. On the plus side his carcass did provide good cover
Speaking of good cover...
Anyone else ever park sideways in front of your arty if you get stuck in a battle where you are hopelessly outclassed.
I do this once in a while if there are scouts and the arty cover isn't very good. This usually happens in my M7. If a scout shows up, I turn on auto aim and try to keep myself between the baddy and our arty all the while throwing lead at the scout. I almost always die, and I'm not sure how useful the tactic really is, but I'm pretty sure it really pisses off the scout.
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