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Originally Posted by Mambo Dave View Post
No, you lose no points for taking out a blue.

But... be careful. If the person who is screaming to kill him is the guy who died, and you didn't witness why it happened, the loss of a second teammate (i.e. the blue guy) can be detrimental to your team winning just for the sake of shooting a blue guy who may have helped the team by getting rid of a trouble-maker.

I've won more game with blue guys who we let live than with a team who killed a blue guy. Actually, letting them live seems pretty common.

I've only ever been blue three times - twice was accidental, once was an intentional take-out, and I swear I've killed or shot at a few teammates before and never turned blue at all.
This guy was just running around shooting our guys...he had two friendly kills before I got him.
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