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Which Compact Camera for ADVering? +GPS? 3D?

I've just killed another camera with another trip to Morocco - this one got sand between the lens parts, I've stripped and cleaned it but I think it's scratched the plastic parts so the motor still cannot push the lens out on switch on/off. I also tried to wet n dry the affected parts but still no luck I think it's truly dead. That was a Samsung PL70 cheap/midrange 14MP point and shoot.

Previous camera was a Sony Cybershot that I think got too damp in my jacket pocket for too tempo on the last trip and died of moisture ingress into the lens/sensor.

That's 2 camera's in 3 trips - so I think the next one has to be a tough camera - but which one?

After the PL70 I'd like a much bigger and higher resolution screen as a lot of photo viewing is done on the camera. Seems like 3" is the max though and TBH there didn't seems a whole bunch of difference 2.7 to 3".

HD video recording I use plus it would be nice if it could play files on disk from my contour camera (may be asking a bit much there) so it could kind-of act as a viewfinder. Would be good to zoom without muting (like the Samsung did) while filming.

A panorama facility would be nice - very hard to get decent info on this, for example the Olympus TG-820 has panorama but digging around reveals for the camera to do the stitching it can only take 3 photo's and then lowers the resolution massively - you can stitch individual photos (so could use higher res + more photo's) on a PC but you could do that with any camera so it's pretty useless.

zoom - 5x was fine - would prefer to keep the camera small than have more zoom.

Would like good quality photo's in low light - the fuzziness of the samsung really got on my nerves I'd like something significantly better.

Size/weight - as compact as possible.

GPS? - can any-one comment how good this is and what do you view the photo's on?

3D - I'd definately like to try this and have a HD 3DTV to look at the results on, I shoudl try and look for some example 3D photo's from different cameras to look at but not sure if I can just put them on a memory stick to try or if I need the camera itself to send teh signal to the telly.

I've been looking at the Olympus TG-820, Panasonic TS4 and Sony DSC TX10&20.

I could also get a slightly lower spec camera like the Olympus TG-310 for 80 compared to the 220 for the TG-820 that way the buying decision is much easier because I'm spending less cash!

Any thoughts on which Camera - the Olympus ticks most boxes except rubbish in camera panorama's and no GPS, The TS4 has GPS but a low quality screen and I suspect poorer sensor/processor........

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