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I have a Sony TX10 which I used on a long trip last year. It pretty much stayed in a pocket in my jacket or pants the entire time (when not being used). It does not have much of a zoom (100mm is 2x) but the 25mm wide angle lens was nice on a camera this small. Mind you it has a sweep function that automatically stitches a series of photos together by sweeping the camera along which I found very useful. I got some great landscapes plus fitted in shots that a normal camera of this size could not do easily.

This camera is smaller than others in its class which attracted me also (e.g. my brothers Panasonic TS-3 feels huge in comparison and it is not that big either). The large 3" LCD screen was excellent considering how small the camera is but this is helped by the fact that it is a touch screen so it can minimise other controls to save space ...

I also used it in the water a fair bit along the Western Australian coast (Ningaloo Reef). I found when snorkelling it fit into my hands quite easily (due to it being flat and very small) so I could use freestyle when swimming through the currents to get out the coral or other wildlife. It is only rated to 5m but I wasn't going to use it for diving so that was not a problem (most cameras in its class only go to around 10-12m anyway). By the way, the touch screen does not work that well in water so change any settings you want before you go in ...

One of the nicest features for me was the fact that it recharges its batteries in camera rather than making you lug a separate charger around (I rode a 250 and was always looking to reduce the load). The salesguy in the shop where I bought it said that people were turned away by the whole "charging in camera" feature and was surprised when I said that was exactly what I wanted. I just would hook it up to my USB charger on the bike every day or two and I was set.

I know that the TX10 does not have a GPS or 3D though - I would not mind a GPS feature on the odd occasion where I can not recall where I took that photo but I personally could not care less about the 3D thing. As the TX20 is out you may want to look at that if you don't care about those features (or try pick up a cheap TX10 on run out?).
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