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Originally Posted by Oznerol View Post

I'm loving mine. Granted, it's my first motorcycle in several years, my first dual sport, and the lightest bike I've ever owned, so my judgement isn't worth a lot -- most of the things I love about this bike I'd probably love about any small dual sport.

Guilty as charged. It doesn't take a lot of motor to feel fast to me right now. But even before my layoff from motorcycling I was firmly in the "more fun to ride a slow bike fast" camp.
Actually, now that you're in the bay area, you're in one of the relatively few good places to ride a bike like that on the street- there are enough really twisty roads around here (you're not too far from alpine dam, king mountain, and tunitas, along with the south end of skyline, and Mt. Hamilton/Mines just to the east), that you can rip around riding your slow bike plenty fast. But I guess I should leave the motorcycle discussion to the rest of the site, huh. . . .

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