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Hey guys. We've been working on the Yamaha a little, but bike trips have kept us busy prepping other bikes and riding.

We are currently in the process of
1. Repainting the tank
2. Prepping bodywork
3. Making engine mounts

The tank is still sitting on my bedroom floor, and I've only gotten away with that for this long because my wife has been gone. Buuuut, she's back today. So I guess I'll have to actually do something with it now. Which is a shame because I was kind of growing attached to it.... I was obviously getting lonely

The rear bodywork is also now sitting in my home. But it's in the living-room, so I'm not going to do anything with it until my wife gets upset about it.

We also made some progress on the front forks (not sure if progress really describes anything that we do).

I think I've mentioned before that the springs cannot be removed from the fork uppers. It is a sealed unit, only allowing the lowers to separate from the uppers, and for the fork oil to be changed.

Separating the forks reveals the inner piston, which is attached to the spring inside. Unfortunately, this configuration doesn't allow us to put in a spacer and stiffen the spring rate. These are obviously budget forks and they are made to accommodate the weight of a 15 year-old named Tetsuo. So they are definitely under-sprung for us.

We were finally able to source a set of fork seals from the neighboring city, so the forks could be re-assembled.

Out with the old fork oil

We decided to have a bit of a test and see how the forks felt with some thick oil in them. The only "proper" fork oil we could buy was so generic that it didn't even have the oil weight listed. So, out came the 40 weight motor oil, and we filled them up. When I say filled up, I mean, we pretty much topped them up.

I would have taken a picture of this process as it involved 2 bottles, a funnel, and a squeeze bottle - but I was fairly bathed in oil after about 2 seconds. Me all glossy and covered with oil, my hands slipping all over the upper fork tube. Wasn't pretty.

I will replace that mental image however, with a picture of our lunch

New fork seals in, forks reassembled, and everything put back together.

It's a rolling chassis again...

Hard to feel great about only really getting it right back to where we started, but the front forks feel fantastic now all things considered. Everything else is working properly (if you don't mind things working badly) and engine mounts are up next

One more pic to really utilize your bandwidth

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