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Originally Posted by Sailorlite View Post
I bought the TS3 partly because of its GPS feature. In the real world, shooting sometimes while riding or at quick stops, the GPS is too slow to acquire an updated position - so it's not much use. Next time I buy a camera I doubt I'd pay extra for GPS, although of course the newer TS4's GPS might be improved. Otherwise the camera is suburb in all respects including "toughness" (I've already wrecked dois conventional p&s's).

Some additional thoughts: it does come with a USB cable for downloading, it does have a scene mode called "panorama assist" (never used by me), it offers a hi-def video mode (which is not readily emailable), and there's a 3D setting.

Panasonic has in addition to the new TS4 model a lesser model called TS20 - I'd take a close look at that.
Cheers for that, I think some of the GPS camera's have a function where you can leave the GPS on all day then there's no lag when you shoot a photo - but maybe it looses the signal in your pocket so there's still a lag? If it worked that would be OK for full days on the bike just recharge at night.

Had a look at the TS20 but I'm willing to pay a bit more for a better screen and lens. Still keep coming back to the Olympus TG-820.....
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