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Originally Posted by Wolfgang55 View Post
Keep in mind the "slam shooting" maybe fun, if you expect it.
But these guns have had more AD credited to this model than any other shotgun.

Not putting down the gun at all but, in the hands of someone wanting to "look cool" this is a real problem that will happen.

Not sure but I believe they are chmbered for 2 3/4''.

The price sounds very fair if in good condition. Just get your finger OFF the triger before you pump another round in the chamber.

So are they all "autotriggered" (thats what I have always heard it called).

Dont know shit about shotguns, whats the difference in the shells? 12 ga aint 12 ga? Plenty of time with everything from muzzle loader flintlocks to ar15s and 1911s. Did play paintball at a time when I had a pump action with autotrigger and got used to working it.
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Originally Posted by Martin Blank
loner, lonegunman, get it. Thatís the whole point. I like the lifestyle, the image. Look a the way I dress.
Originally Posted by bgoodsoil View Post
Cavemen must've designed them shortly after inventing the wheel.
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