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$325? Jump at it. Heck, chew him down to $275 and make sure he tosses in a box of shells!

I have Granpa's '37 in 20 gauge. He had fired it not knowing the barrel was plugged with mud. Yup, blew the muzzle off. Fitted a "Dial-a-Choke" on it (this was 40 years ago). Run the full choke shooting skeet in the backyard, tight patterns out past 50 yards.

I am a crappy skeet shooter, but this thing makes we look like a hero. Love the bottom eject, but this one has the safety set for a lefty. I'd like to convert it but havent yet, just have to keep reminding myself ...bassackwards safety button, and always leave the pump open and chamber empty. I'd also like to get a rifled barrel and shoot some slugs.

Nothing like a piece of history kicking you in the shoulder!
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