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Originally Posted by pip_muenster View Post
Read this thread for a camera which will survive Morocco.The best and probably cheapest way to satisfy all your requirements and still have a dust proof camera, is to bring dois cameras: A tough one at hand and a nice one which lives in a waterproof bag.
This is why I was initally thinking of a tough camera - but I don't think I would use two picture camera's -I have a contour for video though. I think whatever I buy will be the only camera aside from the 5mp one on my phone.

I've been looking at 'travel zoom' compacts in the same price range as the Olympus tough and you seem to get a much better camera with more features/manual control which is tempting to try and get a bit creative - I've never owned anything other than point and shoots so would like to give one a try. I'd have to stick this type of camera in a waterproof bag and hope for the best......

I've been looking at the Canon in this review

It would be useful if any-one could comment on how useful the long zoom is - I suspect it would be very useful but never having had one before I don't know.

There's also the Fuji 550 EXR which is nearly 1/2 the price of the Olympus tough but would seem to take far better pictures in anything other than perfect conditions.

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