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Originally Posted by Sailorlite View Post
I bought the TS3 partly because of its GPS feature. In the real world, shooting sometimes while riding or at quick stops, the GPS is too slow to acquire an updated position - so it's not much use. Next time I buy a camera I doubt I'd pay extra for GPS, although of course the newer TS4's GPS might be improved. Otherwise the camera is suburb in all respects including "toughness" (I've already wrecked two conventional p&s's).
These are my thoughts on the TS3 as well.

GPS is finicky, sometimes will locate itself in seconds, other times it could take 10 minutes and a few tries. I've found that the best setting for me was airplane, unless I was shooting every 30 minutes or so, it didn't really seem to help speed up signal acquisition times at all. (Yes, running the latest FW, it helped, but still unacceptable for quick use.) At least in the Airplane mode, I don't get bogus GPS data in my EXIF. I like having the data, but hate waiting for it.

The weak point is the rear LCD, it scratches without too much work. Dropped the camera off the seat of my KLR (while waiting for sat. acquisition...) onto gravel, left a few scratches on the screen.

I also appreciated the lens cover on my older Olympus that at least kept some of the errant smudges, fingerprints, and fog off the lens. It's easy enough to wipe off, but it be even easier if I didn't have to! Optics and image quality are leaps and bounds above my old 790sw.
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