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Originally Posted by 257bob View Post
Barrel swaps can be done without smithing, due to the way they are attached to the receiver.

I have a bone stock 112 BVSS in .223 that is accurate as heck even with the crude (before Accutrigger) trigger.
That is the reason I went with Savages. Can swap barrels (all .308s now) in three minutes. I have a 12 BVSS .308 and a 10LP in .308. The 12BVSS was a little disappointing until I figured out how to dampen the barrel harmonics. I shoot lots and fast and the harmonics kept coming and going with barrel temps. And load testing didn't help. Maybe later I will lay out the whole process and results, but I just found this thread along with the reloaders thread. ADV has something for everybody, right?
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