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Originally Posted by spagthorpe View Post
I can say that any game that has to be connected to a server, just to play in single player mode, is one that I will never buy. I have played Blizzard's games a lot over the years, going way, way back, but if that's their new way of doing things, they'll never see another dime from me.

I haven't had a lot of time lately, but have been picking up the occasional old school game from Cheap, and there are some classics on there that I probably own somewhere, but are typically hard or impossible to get them running on modern hardware. GOG takes the work out of it for you. I can have more fun playing Syndicate than with most of the new stuff out there.
I think you're missing out then. Diablo III is a lot of fun especially with 3 other friends or even 3 other strangers. Even Sp is fun though.
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