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Originally Posted by V-Duck View Post
So, BP: in terms of support, I gather that, in the Gaerne line, from least supportive to most, the G-Adventure would be followed by the Balance Oiled and then the G-Midland. Seem right?

There is some detail to it, but basically that is correct. It would take a little time to explain, but people should look at levels of support separately for ankle area, midsole, and height / clamping. Trying to quickly put some LOOSE quantification on it, the Balance is 1 step more rigid in the ankle, and 2 steps in the midsole. The Midland is 2 steps more rigid in the ankle area than the balance, and 1 more that same in the midsole.

But that oversimplifies a bit. It really also helps to look at the rider, bike, terrain, etc. Example, some guys should really have a GX-1, which is a light MX boot:

Hope that helps.


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