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India / Himilaya Tour

Hey All,

First post on adv, have been reading alot over the last few days though! Some of the trips look truly amazing.

An Irish mate of mine & I (sounds like a bad joke...and australian and an irishman get on their motorbikes...)are planning on doing a trip up in NW India, starting from delhi and finishing in Leh, aiming for a JULY 2013 depature. We've both got a fair amount of experience back here in Australia, cant imagine the roads will be similar though!

We've decided to go with a 'guided' tour group, purely for the fact this is our first proper bike trip, and we'd rather just sit back and enjoy the ride, instead of worrying about accom etc. I understand that this probably isnt what a lot of people on this forum will do, but it seems to be the best way for us to do this now. Once this trip is done, we both plan on doing bigger and more indpendant trips.

What would be really helpful is your comments on the route provided by this company/ the company itself/comments on weather & any general tips - anything!! I'm really enjoying reading all the current threads about this region, and will continue to do so.

This is the tour:

The route:
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