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Originally Posted by NDEBT View Post
I agree to a point but a model 12 winchester or a old Ithica feels less clunky to me than a 870 or Mossburg. I have all four plus a few more pump shotguns.
I agree,

The Ithica is a beauty, the 870 wingmasters (old ones) are also excellent. The Browning BPS is very similar to a 37, atleast my japanese one is.

Current pump assortment is

BPS 28
870 Wingmaster 12
Ithaca 37 lightweight 12
Benelli Nova 20
Sold a Benelli Nova 12 (way big)

have had a number of other pumps.

AH Fox 12 sbs
Stevens 16 side by side
CSMC RBL 28 sbs matched pair
Ruger Red Label 20 o/u
Baikal IZH 20 o/u
Brazilian 20 sbs (unimpressive).

I'm sure there are some i'm forgetting about, always happens.

Point being Ithaca is a great shotgun, but there are others that are more universal, particularly if you want to modify it at all.
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