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Originally Posted by HardCase View Post
While a little off topic, I guess we're discussing various pumps and the virtues or demerits of each. About 4 years back I picked up a Benelli SuperNova in 12/3.5" It was on sale and while I don't recall the exact price, think it was in the $450 range. I bought it to have as a spare, when my son visited from out-of-state for example, but primarily for turkey hunting. I didn't have a gun that handled the big 3.5" Roman candle-like shells. The gun is definitely big, and not real light although not too bad. But it shoots great, we've even used it for trap and sporting clays a few times.....with standard 2.75" target loads. The pump stroke is a little long, but again, not a real big deal. For an all around field gun, I'm actually quite impressed with it for the money.
+1 (though mine is the regular nova in 3.5")

I understand you can vitrually do anything with the 2.75" shells, but I like the idea that if I need ammo for whatever reason I can use any 12ga shell I find.
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