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Originally Posted by Katoom119 View Post
Man I wish I had walked back there. I was up at the creek in the orange Marmot tent with the lounge chair hanging in the tree.

Mike 6USMC6 got me thinking about hammock camping and my huge dry bag of gear is seconding the opinion. Just bought a DoubleNest and I would have liked to see the WB.
I saw you hanging the lounger in the tree, but you were in conversation with someone when my buddy and I walked by on our way to register. When I stopped by later to get a ticket for a lounger ride, the ticket booth was boarded up and you were nowhere to be found.

Your rally neighbors Bandy (Scott) and Beth with the black 1100GS are buddies of mine.

I'd have been happy to show you the rigs. Maybe next rally.

Originally Posted by 6USMC6 View Post
How did you guys do in the storm?
We were high and dry in all of that rain Thursday night.

I'm sorry that I missed meeting you. Or did I? I met a couple of Mikes. (If we met on Friday evening layer in the evening, I hope that you'll understand why I don't remember.)

Did you hang?

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