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Originally Posted by John Smallberries View Post
The second day, I bought a ratcheting tow strap from a local hardware store - hoping to extend the reach of the slap-straps:

This got me between two beefy trees, but I still sunk down to within a few inches of the gravel, even starting with the hammock almost over my head.

I settled in and got a fairly comfortable nights sleep. My ass did finally sag down during the night and just touched the gravel.

I'll try again on another trip this weekend. Hopefully, I'll find more suitable trees in Southern Ohio.
The Slap Straps are the culprit. They are made of the wrong material and stretch waaaaaay too much. I suggest takin' 'em back to REI and using something else.

CrazyMike, my hanging/riding buddy who was with me at the Eastern Rendezvous this past weekend, had just his gear in his ENO with Slap Straps. The weight of his jacket and pants caused the Slap Starps to stretch and the ENO to sink to the ground overnight from about 18-or-so inches off the ground.

Kammok sells Python Straps, which are similar in concept to the Slap Straps. (And the strap with loops is a good concept, IMHO. Simple with decent adjustability.) Reportedly, the Python Straps don't stretch. I have not tried the Python Straps myself, but I may get a set.

If you don't like the strap with sewn-on loops concept, there are all kinds of hammock-geek suspension systems out there. Be careful, though -- farkling a hammock gets expensive like farkling a motorcycle.

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