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I understand precisely what you mean. I used to be more or less regular at track days and motorcycle track school and I also own an SV650 with aftermarket suspension for my 160lbs frame.
I definitely have to get off the bike (T800) more than I do on the SV to avoid scrapping. The front is soft and I have to avoid braking hard before a turn, which is a good thing for street riding anyway. I also noticed that my hands get fatigued because I hold on to the bars instead of leaning over to them, like you do on sport / sport touring bikes. I am known to be an aggressive street rider and most experienced riders on sport bikes have to pay attention following me whether it be on the Tiger or SV.

I did increase preload to about 20 clicks (4 lines showing) out. More than that, and itís start getting too hard for my weight.

Rode about a 1000 miles on the bike this weekend and overall I am very happy.

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We all know riding has less to do with the bike, than it does with the rider. I ride a lot of tight technical stuff where the best bike would probably be a <500cc super motard, and I do get my butt off the seat. Over the last decade, I've owned a R1100S, R1150GS, WR250X, XR1200, and T800. Only ever touched hard parts down on the last two bikes, and most frequently on the Tiger, and I'd argue that I've been slowing down (getting old). Weighing in at 150lbs, I've always set my unladened preload to <25%.... on the Tiger, I'm starting to bump that up to 30-45%... not ideal as the rear starts to feel too stiff vs the front.

To say it has less clearance than a "Harley" may seem like a cut.... but the XR was one hell of cornering demon - here's a typical tire off that bike Clicky.
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