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Originally Posted by LukeMacPU View Post
It seems I'm getting off on the wrong foot with my '83 GL1100.

Just picked it up from my dad this past weekend. I had noticed last time he and I rode together, that his rear tire seemed a little low on air. I checked and sure enough, less than 20 psi in there. My dad isn't the best for motorcycle maintenance. Plenty capable, but he doesn't fix it 'til it's broken.

As I tried to air it back up, the valve stem broke off (dry rot) and the thing went completely flat. I had already ordered a new tire as the old one was used up, but hadn't planned to change it that day!

New tire installed, I headed to work for the first day on the GL1100. Things seemed fine, but on the way home I coasted to a stop like I had run out of fuel. Gauge indicated there was still gas, and I hadn't switched to reserve yet. It didn't help at all when I did. Long story long... the fuel lines had splits in them and the fuel pump was sucking in so much air that it didn't work. I made a $2.45 repair installing 2' of new fuel line road-side and away I went. Of course, the Mrs. gave me a good ribbing for having to be rescued!

In any event, I have new timing belts to install this weekend. I'll be checking valve clearances once that's finished and I should be good to go... I hope. The bike runs/rides well now. I'll be making a 700 mile trip in a couple weeks and would like to get some trouble-free miles logged before then.

Definitely going to like this bike!
I think I'd check all the rubber on her. Could be a pattern forming.
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