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Another odd duck for long range precision shooting. The gun is an Armalite AR15 National Match, old-school fixed carrying handle as I got it thinking I'd try to do some NRA High Power competition, and, at least in those days, you couldn't go with a flat-top and detachable carry handle. I didn't end up using it in that fashion, but did discover that the gun is still damned accurate.

Couple years ago I got an ACOG for it. My aging eyes were having a little trouble with the iron sights and a nearby shop had a great sale on optics, so I picked up one with a .223 specific range-finding reticule. Great gun, I found I could get 1" groups at 100 yards, and bounce rounds off an 18" steel plate at 500 yards at a nearby range, using the internal RF.

Summer before last my daughter (behind the gun) and DIL (spotting) bounced about 4 out of 5 rounds off of that gong. My daughter's boyfriend, who is from NYC and had never fired a rifle before in his life, was even able to hit it several times.

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