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Originally Posted by jules083 View Post
Here's a couple of pics of my 08. It's stock except for bar risers and the C-14 seat. Great bike. I overpaid and bought it right before the dealers started discounting them a lot, but I'm still glad I bought it. My dad has a 2002 Hayabusa, I think I made the right choice going with the Ninja. I prefer this bike, he still can't decide which one he likes better. He rides mine more than his though, so maybe he just won't admit to me which one is his favorite.

I just got the seat and only rode it 4 or 5 miles since then. The verdict is still out on it. It's more comfortable but is a little bit taller, which makes the bars seem lower but gives me a bit more leg room. It's not much, but enough to notice. I may take it off and go back to stock, I'll decide more when I get some miles on it. I sit in the foreword portion of the seat normally, and the comfy part is the back of it. I'll add more once I ride it farther, but it may be for sale soon.

There's an '08 just like this at a local dealer, it has after market pipes and some other stuff like grips, windscreen, maybe levers too they don't look stock. They are asking just under 9k for it, and I am highly tempted to buy it. the one issue is my insurance would be close to 1k a year for that and my Buell. I suppose I could trim it down some, I had full coverage on the Buell when I bought it 2 years ago (it's an '08 also).

Somebody talk me out of this...
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I'm a bike slut, I love them all
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