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Originally Posted by HarveyMushman View Post
Whitmarsh, like the rest of them, is being a made a rich man by F1 as it is currently contrived. Of course he's going to defend the stupid tires and every other gimmick that keeps his legion of engineers in work. And until F1 shit-cans the advertisement hoardings wings and drastically, comprehensively reduces the cars' reliance on aerodynamic downforce for their performance, it'll be one gimmick after another propping up the charade.
I've believed since the mid-nineties that the best thing the FIA could do to make F1 more enjoyable was ban aerodynamic aides not part of the body proper and ground effects, and specify a tire that was durable enough to be consistent over the course of its life, but skinny enough that, due to the power and handling capabilities of the cars, teams would be inclined to change them at least once, possibly twice, during a race. It keeps pit strategy in the race and it rewards drivers who are better at managing their tire wear.
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