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Originally Posted by JNRobert View Post
Better yet make them 2.5l 4 cylinder turbo's with boost and rev limits (say 2 bar and 16k). That would be even more relevant.
Ferrari would veto it (again). Thankfully.

F1 isn't meant to be relevant. A large part of the attraction is that it's spectacularly irrelevant.

Originally Posted by viajero View Post
I would like to see a racing format like world superbike, with two sprint races, one Saturday after qualifying, and another on Sunday. Each would be an hour to one and a half hours in length (or maybe 200k in length). Increased points for the top five, skewed more towards winning. No refueling, no tire changes, just racing.
Despite the technological complexity, F1 remains one of the least complex forms of motorsport. Aggregate-win formulae are much less successful in attracting TV audiences and F1 is primarily a TV-sport (people don't seem to mind time-trials, endurance races and the like when they can see, smell and sometimes, feel the action by being present, probably in the same way that those who attend F1 events rarely see much actual racing). Go to Goodwood and watch the Hill Climb. You get to see a few moments of action as the entrants pass. It makes crap TV but when you are there it's very involving.

Originally Posted by dlearl476 View Post
In the bigger picture, I'd like to see the point for fast lap returned, and perhaps even an "index of economy" point like in the old Le Mans rules.

On the plus side, I think the three part qualifying is the best thing to happen to F1 in twenty years.
I'd hate to see F1 adopt additional points for fastest lap etc. That would lead to handicapping and possibly classes, the way that other formulae have gone. BTCC is a classic case; success weight penalties, reversed-grids and complex class rules. It all makes for pretty uninspiring TV but attend an event and it's very different.

I preferred the old one-hour, "as many laps as you like" qualifying, it threw-up more topsy-turvy grids. The current version is much more predictable, easier for commentators to manage and for TV companies to insert ad-breaks into.
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