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Originally Posted by RZRob View Post
OK, I admit I must be stupid. I'm definitely frustrated.
Frustrated? Understandably. Stupid? Not any moreso than lots of other people trying to do the same thing.

Originally Posted by RZRob View Post
Shame on Garmin for not posting this process. I've seen lots of tips requiring shareware but this doesn't seem acceptable.
Well, Garmin wants to sell you their stuff. And with their map data and the Basecamp, you can make it happen.

Your biggest problem with Google to a GPS (not just Garmin) is that Google determines its own routing. To make that happen on a GPS, or in Basecamp or Mapsource, it ususally uses lots of points to shape the route. Also, the map data that Google uses is not necessarily the same as the map data you have available in Basecamp, or on your GPS. So they don't always know how to deal with missing or incomplete data.

There are at least a couple threads in here that explain in detail how to do this. Including a couple in the last few weeks. Do a Google search of ADV and you can find them. Lots of good information and workarounds.

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