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Better yet make them 2.5l 4 cylinder turbo's with boost and rev limits (say 2 bar and 16k). That would be even more relevant.
I think relevance is... erm... relative in F1. If the manufacturers believe a given formula is relevant, then it is. The engine formula is really just a marketing opportunity; Audi at Lemans, etc. You just need a formula that keeps costs in check and lets the manufacturers pretend that there is some relation between their race cars and their road cars.

I honestly don't think F1 will gain or lose fans on the basis of its engine formula as long as the cars are (very) fast and they sound good. I've been to several Indycar races this year (my company handles webcasting for SCCA World Challenge) and I don't think the new Indycars are really fast enough. F1 cars are jaw-dropping, even on TV. Indycars are quick, but not exactly breathtaking. Whatever F1 does, it needs to make sure the cars continue to be incredibly fast, not just in corners, but in straight-line acceleration.
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