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Originally Posted by v8toilet View Post
Not having mine apart ever I was wondering if the gasket is one of those that must be replaced or if it will survive r&r. I realize having one I on hand is a good idea.
Usually the gasket will survive, but replacing is the best option to ensure no leaks.

Originally Posted by Lil' Irv View Post
Can these bolts be safety wired? Haven't opened mine up yet and a quick search didn't find any pictures that would tell me. If there is room enough that the safety wire wouldn't interfere with anything I'd buy a set of bolts and have them drilled for wire and replace the existing bolts. With locktite 648 and safety wire there'd be no worries. Has anybody done this?
I have not seen it done, however does not mean it cannot be done.... its a very tight fit, so the safety wire would have be very neat and tight to the flywheel, possibly bonded to the flywheel with adhesive of some-sort... otherwise the same thing would happen as if the bolts came out; contact with alternator windings=distruction
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