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Originally Posted by MagneticSouth View Post
Uhhh Ohhh... need answers asap!

If the answer to question 1 is no... i dont have the time to take the engine out.
If the answer to question 2 is no... sadly i will have to switch to plan D

Plan B - ride my cb750 to mexico and hope they will let me back into the US to sort out the XL after a month or so... (bit reluctant to do this in fear they wont give me another visa)

Plan C - ride my cb750 SOUTH thus abandoning my optomistic xl600 project... (dont really want to do this, i want to take my XL)

Plan D - you dont want to know my plan D !!!

Like i said, i have to make my decisions fast because i have to leave this Saturday... with or without the XL

Any suggestions and advice asap would be welcomed..

UPDATE - So the other night after organising to meet Jeremy in San Diego and him generously offering to help me out in TJ, i was busy scanning the web for answers about renewing my visa.. Searched and searched for info about getting an exit stamp to prove i left the us before my visa ran out...

Basically to cut it short i ran into the same answers...

'There is no exit immigration policy in the US.'


'Border runs. According to the rules of the VWP, making a “border run” violates the terms of your entry under the VWP. However, there are some who claim to have done it, and all entry is at the discretion of the receiving official. It should never be counted on. It is possible the border guard allows you in. It is also very possible they turn you away, forcing you to find your own, often very expensive, way home that does not pass through the US. Remember, a denial makes you ineligible for the VWP for five years. In the end, it is your choice whether or not to take the risk.'

I know its been done, and I know some one of whom made it through, but i dont want to be the person that they say no to... I cant be.

Soooo I didnt end up going down to Mexico yesterday...

Ive switched to 'Crazy plan D'

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