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Originally Posted by jumbee View Post
the bullet 350 (fairly enough for a single driver) costs between 90k-100k rupees

The bike mentioned is a 500EFI, and these cost a lot more. The cost above is more than 110000 anyways.
for an example, a friend trip to Italy with girlfiriend, including 2 way flights, week on a car - 2K km, hotels, fuel and food,
for ~2000$ and this is Italy, for one, 2 weeks would be ~2000$ (including flights) and this is Europe, not India...
they charge here 2000$ per passenger, seems way too high,

not here to argue alkirk's money of course that is his own issue, just trying to show him other perspective if might,
yet for India it seems terribly high,
115K INR or 108K after flights for a 3 week bike trip is tons of money for India,

lets say just for the example:

3 meals a day, 150INR for a meal * 21 days ~9500 lets say 10000 rupees,
Fair enough, for breakfast, but if it is a good hotel it can be thrice as much per head/meal. You and I may eat at a roadside "dhaba" which may or may not even cost Rs 150, but a tour operator is unlikely to arrange dinners there.
1 day hire enfield - exaggerated 1000 rupees - 21000 rupees,
For a 500EFI, it's minimum 1500, 2000 at times too
guide 1 day 150 rupees (high salary) - 3150 - " -
At that price, it's unlikely he'll speak English, and you are scraping the bottom of the barrel. Anybody with some standard - not less than twice as much.
flight back - 13000 - " -
car with spares, mechanic, food etc. exaggerated 10000 rupees
In the Himalayas, it's a LOT dearer than most places in India. No mechanic will be available for less than 7 -8000 for starters, and a car, if hired for three weeks (a MUV) will not be anything less than 1200/day, and probably double that under certain conditions
hotels 500INR per night (nice hotel in India) - 11000
Again, in touristy places, you will find decent places at 500/day, but many such places will not have hot water/power backup or basic mod cons. In a place like Manali, or Leh a room with all this may be nearer 1000, and in Rajasthan, even more than that. A tour operator has to choose a place with a decent restaurant, and having more than just skeletal staff - these places typically cost more .
lets not forget this is for 1 person, if another comes then they earn much more...

we get ~65000 rupees exaggerated price, maybe there are more issues but it seems that the basic is here),
if they earn so much per one passenger, for the second one they will earn much more.

Personally, I think that it costs rather more if you are looking at a certain standard of service, and there are other expenses too with regards to logistics. For example just shipping the bikes back from Leh will not cost less than 4000/bike, that too if a full truck is hired for the same. In addition, one has to cater for emergencies. For example, if the car/van has an accident and has to be towed to Manali from say, Jispa, you are looking at a bill of over Rs 20000 probably a lot more.

Besides, any tour is run to make some profit for the planning involved. It's not charity. There is a big difference between taking a hefty brokerage to forward a customer elsewhere and making the customer happy with your service.

maybe i'm wrong but from my pov, they can do it easily in half the price.
You and I can easily do the trip at less than what you have estimated because we can eat very nutritious, tasty and safe Rs100 meals at roadside eateries, do not need guides (mostly, except while sightseeing) or backup vehicles, mechanics and assorted servants, but when one wants to do a no headache, no planning required trip with everything being taken care of, it's not unreasonable to expect to pay a premium in lieu of all the hard work and time saved.
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