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Originally Posted by tokyoklahoma View Post
Got my R5 out for a ride today. I was planning to go to NWA Motorsports new place and pick-up a sparkplug wrench to keep on the bike. (It is a 2 smoker after all)
I wasn't sure where there new place was so I overshot it going East on 412. No problem, I turned around next door to that place that boards dogs and sells pirate costumes. Wait for about 60 bikes to go by Westbound, and a few cars, then I pull out Westbound and run up through a few gears. I start braking and downshifting while looking in my mirror to make sure I don't get squashed from behind, and almost overshoot the driveway. (should have). Trying to turn in I get unsettled by the curb-thing that so many driveways have at the entrance, and run wide into the grass.
Yeah.. I was still on the front brake....yeah.. I washed out the front and did a nosedive into the grass with the bike on it's left side.
I was going maybe 5mph at the time, talk about embarrassing.
Unfortunately my left foot was pinned under the bike, that wouldn't have been to bad except the toe of my boot was pointed to the rear.
I turned my body (by rolling around like a pig in mud) and my foot came free. I stood-up while taking "personal inventory" and everything still worked, but the ankle did hurt. Started to pick-up the bike, and didn't get it halfway before one of the NWAM guys was there to help.
He pushed the bike up to the front of the shop, after asking if I was OK, and we gave the bike a quick once-over.
No broken levers, no split grips, no bent or broken gear shift lever, but the forks/bars are tweaked.

So I limped into the store, had a look around, and purchased a spark-plug wrench. Then kicked the old girl a couple of times, she started fine, and limped her on home. I WAS looking forward to some two-lane blacktop ridding today, but shit happens.

The bike did fine on the four-lane power/speed wise, but my fingers did get a bit tingly by Tontitown. I think I'll try the silicone/lead shot trick on my "new" bars.

Now I have a goose-egg on the outside of my left ankle, I have done two rounds of the ice/heat therapy. I think I will put-off getting it x-rayed until at least Monday and see how it goes. After a couple of more ice/heat cycles I'm wrapping it up in an Ace bandage and going to tinker with my bike.
am wondering if any of you NWA guys know how to ride

way too many injuries lately!
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