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Originally Posted by tokyoklahoma View Post
He pushed the bike up to the front of the shop, after asking if I was OK, and we gave the bike a quick once-over.
No broken levers, no split grips, no bent or broken gear shift lever, but the forks/bars are tweaked.

So I limped into the store, had a look around, and purchased a spark-plug wrench. Then kicked the old girl a couple of times, she started fine, and limped her on home. I WAS looking forward to some two-lane blacktop ridding today, but shit happens.

The bike did fine on the four-lane power/speed wise, but my fingers did get a bit tingly by Tontitown. I think I'll try the silicone/lead shot trick on my "new" bars.

If the bars are tweaked, just loosen the triple clamps on the tubes and retweak em the other way. I would almost bet you just smack it against the stop once or twice and they will straighten too.
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